Unifi控制器 V4.8.14 RC 内测版发行



  • 该版本主要为修复 UAP-AC 系列机型偶尔中断连线的问题;
  • 升级前请先做好备份;
  • 此为内测版本,不建议用到正式工程项目上;
  • 该版本仅为测试验证 bug 使用,所以各位在使用上有问题请帮忙回帖反馈。谢谢


  • [CTLR] Fix hotspot operator able to change sites after login.

  • [CTLR] Fix error displayed when enabling cloud access without internet access.

  • [CTLR] Show webrtc state in controller UI.

  • [CTLR] Fix dll injection vulnerability on Windows installer (details HERE).

  • [CTLR] USG and USG-Pro-4 firmware now hosted on our CDN, instead of bundled with controller.

  • [CTLR] Fix login error, under certain situations, with some web browsers running on Windows.

  • [CTLR] Fix missing port forward stats.

  • [CTLR] Prevent URL redirect to external site.

  • [CTLR] Fix USW locate button behavior.

  • [UAPG2] Fix 1st gen>2nd gen wireless uplink interop issue.

  • [UAPG2] Fix rate table init logic.

  • [UAPG2] Fix multicast rates, which was causing issues with some devices.

  • [UAPG2] Adjustments which should help lessen intermittent connectivity experienced with some devices (reported HERE).

  • [UAP] Code changes to fix mem leak experienced in certain scenarios (reported HERE).

  • [UAP] Modify bandsteering behaviour to fix issue with some 2G devices.

  • [UAP] Refined Noise Floor calibration algorithm.

  • [UAP] Make ntpclient more persistent.

  • [UAP] Fix bug with WPA-Enterprise on 1st gen AC models.

  • [USW] Decrease log verbosity when STP is disabled.

  • [UGW] Adjust DPI data handling, which is first step to help prevent unexpected reboots.


  • USG =
  • USG-Pro-4 =
  • UAP-AC-Lite/AC-LR/AC-Pro =
  • Other UAP/USW =