UniFi 4.8.12是我们官方最新的正式版本,可以用来管理UAP,USG,USW和VOIP下载地址

**How to play safe?**Make sure you always do a backup before any updates, especially if you plan to upgrade your existing installation.
Release Notes:

  • For people who are migrating from v3, there’re many changes to APIs and it’s not backward compatible. You may need to update the shell library (unifi_sh_api) and/or your customized portal/external portal code.

  • For hotspot management console, make sure you have bookmark the url with site name. For example: https://unifi.yourdomain.com:8443/hotspot/s/SITENAME

  • For Debian/Ubuntu users, please update your APT source (see HERE).

  • unifi-beta/unifi-rapid are obsoleted. The old repo has been removed.

**Known issues:**There is a known issue with Windows 7.

  • If there is no java installed at Windows 7 64bit, UniFi installer will redirect user to Oracle to install jre
  • Default Java runtime for Windows 7 64bit is 32bit JRE because default 32bit IE is on Windows 7 64bit
  • The SSO (after cloud enabled) does not work if user just installed 32bit JRE because we only support 64bit webrtc native library

Windows 8 does not include 32bit IE by default so it is fine. For Windows 7 users, you can go HERE and download the missing version (64bit offline Windows install package).
Also worth noting that Cloud Access feature in this release is not supported on Linux/ARMv6 architecture (for exmaple, Raspberry Pi 1). If you have problem starting controller on this platform, please remove the native library:

sudo rm /usr/lib/unifi/lib/native/Linux/armhf/libubnt_webrtc_jni.so

Bundled Firmware:

  • USG/USG-Pro = 4.3.9
  • UAP-AC-Lite/AC-LR/AC-Pro/AC-EDU = 3.4.14
  • Other UAP/USW = 3.3.17

New Hardware Support:

  • UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4

**New Features:**UniFi Controller

Added Min. RSSI on GUI (see HERE)

Added inform url override on GUI (see HERE)

Added “Custom Upgrade” on GUI

Extend upgrading pending device feature. Now it works for UAP/USW/USG.

Added port isolation (protected ports) to switch port config. This removes auto isolation (isolates any switch port that participate only native guest network).

24/7/365 live chat support widget added to controller UI.

Cloud Login support. Register your controller under your UBNT SSO account and get universal access viahttps://unifi.ubnt.com

  • To register your controller (if you are super admin)

  • Go Settings->Cloud Access.

  • Enter your UBNT SSO Account credential. Controller will NOT store your password in database and will only be used for one API call.

  • Status should become “Connected” within a few seconds.

  • To access your controller

  • Visit https://unifi.ubnt.com with Google Chrome

  • Select your controller

  • Select site and click “Launch Site”

  • To bind your UBNT SSO account (if you are site admin, and this controller is registered by super admin)

  • Go Settings->Cloud Access.

  • Enter your UBNT SSO Account credential. Controller will NOT store your password in database and will only be used for one API call.

UniFi Controller + UniFi UniFi AP AC-Lite/AC-LR/AC-Pro/AC-EDU

Added spectrum analysis. Click the “RF Scan” button in AP property view.

UniFi Controller + UniFi Security Gateway

Added DPI functionality, enabled under Settings>Site>DPI.

Add VLAN support for USG WAN port.

UniFi Controller + UniFi Switch

Added storm control, configurable under Advanced Options, on a per port basis.

Added IGMP snooping, which is configurable under Settings>Networks.

UniFi Controller + UniFi Cloud Key

Added Cloud Key maintenance operations to Controller GUI.

Changes from 4.7.6 to 4.8.12****UniFi Controller

“Delete Site” button is now hidden for site admins

Fixed a bug that causes redundant radio_table updates

Inform url override should work as expected now.

Fixed a bug that re-adopt stop working when controller is moved to a different IP (reported HERE).

Pending Approval/Managed by Other devices will be excluded in Statistic/Current Usage.

Allow SFP port to be set to manual 1000 FDX mode. This fixes the link issue with SFP+ port running on manual mode.

Fixed channel/txpower are gone in AP property view when the last WLAN is disabled by WLAN scheduler.

WLAN override will no longer accept override PSK with empty string.

Fixed a bug that causes incorrect startup message being shown in Launcher UI.

Update timezone information for Santiago, Europe/Moscow and Asia/Ulaanbaatar (reported HERE andHERE).

Update Java bundled in Mac pkg to 8u66b17

Incorrect traffic statistics + may show usage while scheduled SSID is offline (reported HERE, HERE,HERE, and HERE).

Removed VOIP from Dashboard.

Statistics site traffic lower than AP traffic.

Fixed a bug that site traffic could be lower than AP traffic in Statistics page.

Clarify Usage of “Historical Data Retention” Setting under Maintenance (reported HERE).

Group interference detection events.

Fix error setting 10Gbps manual negotiation on UniFi Switch.

Fix changing switch port properties affecting all other switches’ properties.

Fix bug that allowed user to create multiple DDNS with the same service.

Fix error when clicking switch port diagram.

USG properties now opens to details.

Fix USW port mirroring error message.

Fix bug when changing USW port properties, it would automatically go back to ports list.

Various adjustments and fixes regarding read only admins

Fix wrong duplex value set for SFP/SFP+ port on UniFi Switch.

Fix USG config bug when using PPPoE for WAN.

Fixes for USG DDNS configuration.

Adjustments to Google Map to match their recent changes.

UniFi AP

Various performance and stability improvements

Update regulatory information

Improved bandsteering stability on UAP-Pro (partial 802.11v implementation).

Fixed guest portal redirection on SSIDs with special characters (reported HERE).

  • Fixed a bug that radius Accounting-STOP messages were incorrectly skipped even if zero-handoff is not used (reported HERE)
  • Several changes to increase robustness of firmware upgrade process

UniFi Security Gateway

Upgraded base system to Debian wheezy.

  • Update timezone information.

Fix crash caused by some UDP packets (reported HERE).

UniFi Switch

Fix manual negotiation on SFP+ port when device is restarted (reported HERE).

Several changes to increase robustness of firmware upgrade process













apt-get 能自动升级吗?


Unifi控制器V4.8.12 windows 系统 安装要求配置是什么 比如CPU、内存、硬盘可用空间等。