UniFi Cloud Key firmware 0.6.1 has been released


How to play safe?

Make sure you always do a backup before any updates, especially if you plan to upgrade your existing installation.

It is also recommend to make a backup if you are on a controller version later than 5.4.11. Once you upgrade the firmware the controller will be on 5.4.11, so if you were on something different then you’ll need to reinstall it and then restore your backup.

Using UniFi v4.8.X or Beta / Alpha?

If you prefer to upgrade the firmware but still wish to continue using v4.8.X, create a backup of your controller prior to upgrading, upgrade the firmware, purge unifi, install v4.8.20 using the .deb file, then restore your controller backup during the setup wizard. This method will avoid the need to downgrade your controller, which isn’t supported.


All system customizations are removed on firmware upgrade. This would include the UniFi VoIP controller, if you have it installed. Please make sure to backup your VoIP controller configuration, and any other customizations prior to firmware upgrade.

Changes in 0.6.1:

UniFi Controller

  • Bundle UniFi Controller 5.4.11. See HERE for controller release notes.

UCK System

  • **Important security improvements. **


  • Add French and German translations.

How to update the latest firmware:

  • From UniFi Cloud Key WebUI: Maintanance -> CHECK FOR UPDATES (in FIRMWARE section) -> UPDATE NOW.
  • From UniFI Controller: Settings -> Maintenance -> CHECK FOR UPDATES (in CloudKey Firmware section) -> APPLY UPDATE
  • From UniFi Cloud Key WebUI: Maintanance -> UPDATE MANUALLY. From here you can either paste the URL, or if you downloaded the binary you can select the file locally on your computer.
  • From SSH:
    ubnt-systool fwupdate http:///somefirmware.bin

UniFi Cloud Key firmware can manually be found HERE (md5 HERE).

UC-CK 0.6.1正式启用SD卡备份功能---请注意!!!