UniFi 5.0.7 is released


UniFi 5.0.7 is our newest official General Availability Release for UniFi wireless AP (UAP), routing (USG), switching (USW).
**How to play safe?**Make sure you always do a backup before any updates, especially if you plan to upgrade your existing installation.
Release Notes:

  • For people who are migrating from v3, there’re many changes to APIs and it’s not backward compatible. You may need to update the shell library (unifi_sh_api) and/or your customized portal/external portal code.

  • For hotspot management console, make sure you have bookmark the url with site name. For example: https://unifi.yourdomain.com:8443/hotspot/s/SITENAME

  • For Debian/Ubuntu users, please update your APT source (see HERE).

  • unifi-beta/unifi-rapid are obsoleted. The old repo has been removed.

  • use ‘unifi5’ in your source file, instead of ‘stable’ or ‘unifi4’

  • You can no longer manage/control UniFi VoIP devices from the UniFi controller. Please use the UniFi VoIP controller for UVP products. The latest release as the time of this post is found HERE.

  • You can no longer toggle the VoIP port on the USG (UGW3). It needs to be enabled prior to upgrading/using v5, otherwise you will not be able to control it. If you rely on using the VoIP port then you may want to stay on v4.8.19. Currently it can only be configured as a secondary WAN in v5, but we will be expanding the functionality so it can be used as either a secondary WAN or LAN (LAN will be fully configurable).
    Other Notes:

  • Windows users must have x64 Java installed as we only support 64 bit webRTC library. Please see HERE and download the missing version (64bit offline Windows install package).

  • If you are coming from an earlier release, and aren’t familiar with the changes in v5, please see our initial release post HERE.

  • Speed limits for wireless clients only work on guest VAPs. Non-guest VAPs will not enforce speed limits. This is to help with overall throughput. Please see our original post HERE. If you need to have enforced speed limits on non-guest VAPs then you should use firmware 3.4.19 (do note that you will lose some features when changing to 3.4.19). We’ve been working on a fix for this and will include it as soon as possible.

  • You cannot re-use a VLAN ID for dynamic VLAN if it is set as a static value for another SSID on the same AP. So, if I have a VLAN set to VLAN 10, I cannot use VLAN ID 10 for RADIUS controlled VLAN users as those users will not get an IP.

  • Cloud Access feature in this release is not supported on Linux/ARMv6 architecture (for exmaple, Raspberry Pi 1). If you have problem starting controller on this platform, please remove the native library:

sudo rm /usr/lib/unifi/lib/native/Linux/armhf/libubnt_webrtc_jni.so
**New Features:**UniFi Controller

Updated the entire UniFi UI.

  • Web UI is now mobile friendly.
  • New AngularJS Hotspot Portal editor.
  • Add controller preferences.
  • Add site overview, for all sites configured within the controller.
  • Add show system config function - simple overview of site configuration.
  • Make many changes, and apply once config style.
  • Add web based debug terminal (SSH terminal) for some UniFi hardware.
  • Add Insights > Audio Streams
  • Change Rogue APs to Neighboring Access Points.
  • Add option to customize disaplyed columns.

UniFi Controller + UniFi UniFi AP AC-Lite/AC-LR/AC-Pro/AC-EDU

Add RADIUS controlled VLAN support.

  • Add Airtime Fairness (ATF) support.
  • Enable DFS for approved countries (US/CA not approved yet).

UniFi Controller + UniFi Security Gateway

  • New DPI view, found under Insights

  • Add manual Site to Site VPN configuration option under Settings>Networks (currently in beta form)

  • Add Smart Queue QoS

  • This is the same implementation as in EdgeOS (see HERE). Currently phase 1, which is simply WAN speed. Will add advanced options in future.

  • Do note, that when this is enabled you will not be able to use DPI as traffic will not be offloaded.

  • Maximum throughput will be affected as traffic is not offloaded. There is a rough guide in the above article.

  • Add option to remap VOIP port as WAN2 on USG (UGW3).

  • Add configurable options for LAN2 for USG-Pro. No need to enable VoIP anymore (actually not an option anyway).
    UniFi Controller + UniFi Switch

Add 802.1x support, along with RADIUS VLAN support.

Firmware Changes from 4.8.18 to 5.0.7:

  • [UAPG2] Limit bandsteering debug terminal to local host.
  • [UAPG2] Improve 2G HT40 performance.

[UAP+G2] Rate selection improvements (see HERE (gen1) and HERE (gen2)).

[UAP+G2] Various backend stability changes.

[UAP+G2] Fixed a couple of memory leaks.

[USG] Revert QUIC bypass patch.

[USG] Revert to spin_lock as export function isn’t used on USG.

Controller Bugfixes/Changes from 5.0.6: