EdgeSwitch software release v1.7.0


This release adds a feature "Mac-based Vlan" and solves most obviously issues on 1.6. we will make EdgeSwitch platforms getting better and try to add new features in futures.
[Release Notes v1.7.0]


Changes since v1.6.0
New features
Add MAC-based VLANs, the feature allow incoming untagged packets to be assigned to a VLAN based on the source MAC address of the packet. This type of VLAN is useful when a host might not always connect to the network through the same port but needs to be on the same VLAN. This can be done in the Web UI “Switching > MAC Based VLAN > Status” page or using the CLI, e.g.:

(UBNT EdgeSwitch) (Vlan)#vlan association mac 04:18:D6:01:02:03 100
(UBNT EdgeSwitch) (Vlan)#show vlan association mac
----------------------- -------
00:64:04:18:D6:01:02:03 100

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • [System] rx errors count.
  • [DHCP client] add hostname in dhcp request.
  • [Dot1x] automatic VLAN assign in mac-based mode with MAB.
  • [SNMP mib] remove PBR mibs support.
  • [hostname] host name can’t be shown after configuration on 1.6.
  • [ubnt discovery] Fix firmware version string reported by discover protocol.
  • [DHCP6 client] avoid config change due to dhcpv6 server has option 42.
  • [DHCP snooping] avoid config change when dynamic client update in dhcp snooping.
  • [System] avoid the incorrect temp value when temp sensor report 367 degree.
  • [LAG] Port speed setting for LAG member ports is not preserved.
  • [Web UI] Edit DNS server print some “invalid FamilyType” debug messages.
  • [Web UI] Inconsistent “Current Active” firmware in GUI.
  • [Web UI] VLAN Wizard overwrites tagged/untagged ports when adding range over existing VLAN.
  • [Web UI] make a simplified config page for add a pool in dhcp server.