EdgeSwitch software release v1.6.0


New EdgeMAX software release for EdgeSwitch (all current models) is available here:

This release adds a “Search” function in the Web UI to help locate features among the many pages. Other enhancements/fixes include increasing the maximum number of concurrent VLANs to 4093 (i.e., all supported VLANs) from 255 previously, various DHCP snooping fixes, etc. More importantly though, the bulk of the work in this release has gone into the major “platform infrastructure” changes as mentioned before.
A little more background on the infrastructure changes: The new ES-16-XG 10G switch requires the new platform infrastructure, and in this release, we have moved all other models to use the same new platform infrastructure as well so that they can share the same code base. While this required a lot of effort, longer term it is better than having to maintain two separate code bases of course.
More details of the enhancements/fixes can be found in the release notes below. Thanks everyone for your help during the alpha/beta testing!

[Release Notes v1.6.0]
**Changes since v1.5.0
New features

  • [Web UI] Add new “Search” feature in the Web UI. A user can enter keyword(s) in the search textbox to find a list of EdgeSwitch Web UI pages whose title contains the keyword(s). A few things to note:
  • Search can be started by clicking on the search button or hitting enter in the search textbox.
  • “Substring” search is supported, for example, search with keyword “mirror” will also find entries with “mirroring”.
  • Search using multiple keywords is also supported and will find entries that contain all keywords

For example, entering “snoop binding” in the search textbox:

and then search, it will show a list of all pages whose title contains the keyword:

The user can then click on one of those links and the Web UI will go to the particular page. As there is a large number of features available in the Web UI, this new search function may help the user find the appropriate Web UI page for a particular feature more easily.

Enhancements and bug fixes

  • [VLAN] Increase maximum number of “concurrent” VLANs supported to 4093. Previously the limit was 255, and the new limit basically allows all VLANs (from 1 to 4093 supported by the switch) to be used at the same time. This has been discussed before with community members including @Ernani@paszczus @petecarlson @PODERNETSLP @MountainPatrick @vmaisnet @cduce @bthom@rssvanberg @DStahl @DSnet for example in these threads: 1 2 3 4.
  • [VLAN] As discussed before, when a port is set to VLAN “trunk” port, it does not automatically include all VLANs, only those defined in the VLAN database. We have been working on “automatic” trunk port support (automatically including all VLANs for trunk port) but that is not finished yet. For now, since the number of concurrent VLANs supported has been increased to 4093, one can approximate the automatic trunk port function by simply defining all VLANs in the VLAN database, i.e.,(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #vlan database(UBNT EdgeSwitch) (Vlan)#vlan 2-4093(UBNT EdgeSwitch) (Vlan)#exitOnce all the VLANs are defined, if a port is configured as trunk mode, it will include all VLANs automatically.
  • [VLAN] Optimize Web UI VLAN page to improve loading speed. Since now there could be up to 4093 VLANs (up from 255 before) in the configuration, it could take a long time to load the VLAN page in the Web UI. So the page has been changed to “paginated” and only the data for the current page is loaded to reduce the loading time.
  • [System] Extend time range for “scheduled restart” feature to allow scheduling restart up to 7 days in advance. This can be done in the Web UI “Basic > Restart Switch” page or using the CLI, e.g.:(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #reload in 12:00 6(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #show reload Reload In : Enable The switch will be reset in 6 day(s) 11:59:52(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #no reload in (UBNT EdgeSwitch) #show reload Reload In : Disable(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #
  • [System] Fix more cases where the configuration is considered “changed” even though nothing is changed. As mentioned before, there are various components that could cause the symptom (which is cosmetic only and does not affect the functionality) and we have been fixing these as we find the. These have been reported by and discussed with community members including @NVX @Solideco @rjh2805@final @psydafke @jeremyk @pauld @oliv @NMBabb @whowe82 for example in these threads: 1 2 34 5.
  • [System] Improve overheat alert message to include more information
  • [Web UI] Fix permission checking to disallow level 1 user to modify VLANs in the Web UI VLAN wizard page. Reported by @lbegnaud here.
  • [Web UI] Expand the “Processing…” overlay to cover the whole tab while loading the “VLAN wizard” page. Suggested by rjh2805 here.
  • [Web UI] Fix setting firmware image description on “Basic > Firmware Upgrade” page. Reported by@vdan @dison4linux here.
  • [CLI] Add “show mac-addr-table” command in user mode (without “enable”)
  • [Interface] Fix a bug where manual 1G speed setting has no effect on 10G SFP+ ports after switch is restarted, which would cause connectivity issue when 1G SFP module is used in these ports. This has been reported by and discussed with @Magician (who also helped test the fix) @bradbengel @k7jlr@jlrichesin here and here.
  • [DHCP snooping] Added mechanism to allow a client that is “dynamically bound” (by DHCP snooping) to move to a different port. Discussed with lbegnaud @noc-man @SebastianT here.
  • [DHCP snooping] Fix static DHCP snooping binding configuration (ip dhcp snooping binding vlan interface ). Previously the configuration breaks DHCP for the specified client.
  • [DHCP snooping] Add check to prevent client with static binding from getting IP address not matching the configured one
  • [DHCP snooping] Fix some issues (both IPv4 and IPv6) with DHCP clients not working correctly when connected to a trusted port.
  • [DHCPv6 snooping] Fix issue that prevented clients from obtaining IPv6 address.
  • [DHCPv6 snooping] Allow static binding to be configured on the management VLAN
  • [DHCPv6 snooping] Allow static binding to be configured when the same dynamic binding already exists
  • [DHCPv6 snooping] Fix static binding issue such that clients with static binding can obtain IPv6 address
  • [DHCPv6 snooping] Fix issue where static binding stops working after DHCPv6 release is observed
  • [SNTP] Add checks for IPv6 and do not attempt to send IPv6 SNTP requests if IPv6 is not enabled. This should prevent the SNTP error messages such as those discussed with @franrtorres77 @defianthere.
  • [MSTP] Fix issue with incorrect port state when a VLAN is on a separate instance