EdgeRouter X/X-SFP bootloader update


As discussed on the forum (e.g., here), there is an initialization issue in the previous bootloader for the ER-X and ER-X-SFP models which causes all ports to act as a “switch” during a brief period of time when the router is booting up. An updated bootloader that fixes this issue is now available. To apply the update, please download/copy the following script to the router: https://dl.ubnt.com/firmwares/edgemax/v1.8.0/update-boot.sh
For example, “curl” can be used on the router:curl -O https://dl.ubnt.com/firmwares/edgemax/v1.8.0/update-boot.shThen from the router CLI, go to the directory where the script is, and run the following command:sudo bash update-boot.sh
The command should be pretty quick (e.g., a few seconds) and it is important that power cannot be disrupted during the command operation (otherwise the device can become “bricked”). Once the script is done, the update is complete so on the next reboot the “switch” issue should not happen during boot. Again this update is only for ER-X and ER-X-SFP and it will not update anything on the other ER models.