EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch software release v1.7.1


New software release for EdgeSwitch (all current models) is available here:

EdgeSwitch 1G switch models: ES-48-750W,** ES-48-500W**,** ES-24-500W**,** ES-24-250W**,** ES-48-Lite**,** ES-24-Lite**,ES-16-150W,** ES-12F**,** ES-8-150W**,** EP-S16**.
(SHA1: 6fa8280a26f8e5238f345d14def81731317f9e3f) (GPL archive)

Mib files:


(SHA1: 9c1a106f0fc5b5bdee3e38c0c1d52ad82d821759)

EdgeSwitch 10G switch model: ES-16-XG
(SHA1: 53c01d72cc78fe2be9f4c035fb74babddc4b60d3) (GPL archive)

Mib files:


(SHA1: 46dba4eef36836c3715e8313da8d626eddb09167)

[Release Notes v1.7.1]


Changes since v1.7.0

New features

Auto speed detect on SFP/SFP+ ports:

EdgeSwitch suports SFP/SFP+ auto speed detect (as default config) from 1.7.1. The speed of SFP/SFP+ ports can be auto detect by inserted SFP/SFP+ module.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • [ES-16-XG] Improve SFP/SFP+ DAC cable compatibility.
    We have some qualified DAC cables in the list.
  • [ES-16-XG] Improve 10G Base-T compatibility.
  • [ES-16-XG] cable test make link down.
  • [ES-16-XG]Speed 1G/10G full can’t link up in copper port.
  • [ES-16-XG] Fix SFP/SFP+ link issue when ES-16XG reboot.
  • [CONFIG] some dhcp options make some relative configs change.
  • [CONFIG] System doesn’t display gateway after reload.
  • [SYSTEM] add option to disable UBNT discovery.
    no service ubnt-discovery
  • [SYSTEM] Turn off all ethernet/PoE LED during system reload.
  • [SYSTEM] “auto-negotiate” and “speed auto” will inactive after reload.
  • [SYSTEM] Syslog show stacking number in non-stacking unit.
  • [SYSTEM] review auto-negotiation capability in SFP/SFP+ ports.
  • [SYSTEM] Fix Port security issue on ES48 models.
  • [SYSTEM] Fix IGMP querier issue on ES48 models.
  • [SYSTEM] Add HTTP/HTTPS support in copy command.
  • [SYSTEM] add x/y/zmodem support in copy command.
  • [SYSTEM] remove info message when 10G DAC cable inserted.
  • [GVRP] fix some problems when add/delete vlan.
  • [HTTPS] Combinative configuration make https inaccessible.
  • [SNMP] response PSU fail after firmware 1.6.0.
  • [SNMP] fix snmpEngineTime.
  • [CLI] remove “show port status all” from “show tech-support”.
  • [CLI] CLI don’t accept the command force to speed to 1000.
  • [CLI] add default clibanner.
  • [WEB UI] fix “port description” config after reboot.
  • [WEB UI] fix some dhcp server options.
  • [WEB UI] show “system name” at the title of web-browser.
  • [WEB UI] Port Access Control: Change the format of time stamp
  • [WEB UI] Wrong message after add/edit user with unvalid password.
  • [WEB UI] Dashboard show overheat when session timed-out.
  • [WEB UI] remove 1G force speed option.