airOS v7.2 正式版本发行及变更记录


airOS 7.2已经正式发行,你可以通过下面的链接选择正确的产品进行下载:
Due to changes with the 30/60MHz channel widths, please upgrade remote radio first.

Version 7.2 (XC, WA) - Final Release (February 11, 2016)

- New: Revised UNII Rules activation
- New: Improved 30 MHz* and 60 MHz* channel widths (replace 30 MHz and 60 MHz channel widths)  
- New: Option to enable/disable Flow Control 
- New: GPS coordinates reporting for Rocket 5AC PRISM in Dashboard page
- New: Save kernel crashlog and include it in Support info archive (for better troubleshooting)
- New: Linux kernel upgrade to v2.6.32.68

Regulatory updates:
- Update frequency list for China: 5150-5350MHz (23dBm), DFS: 5250-5350MHz + 5725-5850MHz (33dBm)

- airMAX protocol security improvements
- Improved Antenna Align Tool
- Improved Site Survey scan

- Fix: 5.8GHz band (EN 302 502) isn't allowed in France
- Fix: airMAX AC PTMP noisy network AP->STA direction packet loss
- Fix: Reduced DFS false positive events
- Fix: Reduced connection time in PTMP mode
- Fix: Wireless connectivity failure on channel change
- Fix: Multicast packet loss in PTMP mode
- Fix: Device hang during configuration change when DHCP relay is enabled on two LAN interfaces
- Fix: Incorrect security type reporting on Station after configuration changes
- Fix: Allow DHCP start/end range to match to provide only single IP
- Fix: UBNT stations name reporting in SNMP
- Fix: 1000Mbps negotiation issue when connected to CISCO 2950t switch up-link gigabit ports
- Fix: Incorrect NTP functionality when changing Time Zone
- Fix: Speed Test tool no results reporting
- Fix: Impossible to disable DNS proxy
- Fix: On first scan Site Survey doesn't scan full frequency range
- Fix: SSH client can't connect to RouterOS device
- Fix: Fixed incorrect placement of the "!" iptables (router mode)
- Fix: Don't allow to remove WLAN0 item from BRIDGE0 (configuration restriction to avoid low performance)
- Fix: Other small changes to improve airOS stability and add additional debugging information 


版版,是不是airos7 只支持新的设备。。。老的loco啊。rm2之类的都没有吧